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Cement Testing Equipments

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Soundness of Cement and Hydrated Lime
Le Chatelier Mould
IS 269, 712, 5514, 1727 , 2645, 6932 ( PART IX) BS 6463
It is used for the determination of soundness by expansion method of ordinary and rapid hardening Portland cement , low heat Portland cement and class 'A' Limes.
It consists of a small split cylinder forming a mould. On either side of the split cylinder. Two parallel indicating arms with pointed ends are attached. Supplied complete with two glass plates and a lead weight.
Le Chatelier Flask
IS 4031 1968, ASTM C 188
Used for finding specific gravity of hydraulic cement. Made from Borosilicate glass. The flask is 243mm in total height, having a bulb of 90mm dia of 250ml approximate capacity. The long neck of the flask has at top a funnel of 50mm dia in that fits a ground glass stopper. The neck has over-all 11mm i.d. upper portion is graduated from 18ml to 24ml with 1 ml graduation. Just at the bottom of the neck 1 ml capacity is marked in between there is 17 ml capacity bulb.
Shrinkage Bar Mould
IS 4031, 10086, ASTM C 227. & BS 1881.
The mould is used for casting specimens of cement & aggregate combinations for measuring the potential expansive alkali reactivity. Size of the mould is 25 x 25 x 282 mm and effective size is 25 x 25x 250 mm.
Available Models:
A : Shrinkage Bar Mould - One Gang (One Compartment)
B : Shrinkage Bar Mould - Two Gang (Two Compartment)
C : Shrinkage Bar Mould - Three Gang (Three Compartment)
D : Shrinkage Bar Mould - Four Gang (Four Compartment)
Spares: Stainless steel smooth or knurled and threaded reference pins as required. Supplied in Packs of one dozen.
Length Comparator
IS 1199-1959, IS 4031 1968 BS 1881, ASTM C 151, C490.
It is used to measure the dying shrinkage of concrete autoclave expansion of Portland cement and potential expansive reactivity of cement aggregate combinations in mortar bars during storage, on self-drying.
The instrument consists of a channeled or a round base over which two vertical pillars are fixed. An adjustable cross plate is at the top. A dial gauge, reading to .002mm x 5mm. Can be located upon a 6.5mm. dia ball or other reference point cemented in the specimen. On the base there is similar recessed seating in which can be placed a second ball or reference point in the specimen.
Complete with a stainless steel standardization bar with insulated grip and with 6.5mm dia. Balls mounted in the ends. The unit can be supplied with an Electronic Dial Gauge at extra cost if indicated at the time of placing the order.
Volume Change Apparatus
ASTM C 490, IS 4031 & BS 1881.
The instrument is used for determining the volume change of cement concrete.
The apparatus comprises of one mould effective gauge length complete with base plate, four reference pins, one length comparator frame, one stainless reference bar with insulated grip, and one dial gauge, 0.002mm x 5mm
Laboratory Cement Autoclave
IS 4031-1968, IS 1624-1960 & ASTM C 151, C 141
The autoclave is suitable for conducting accelerated soundness tests on cements or the autoclave expansion test requiring constant steam pressure with the correspondent constant pressure. It consists of a stainless steel cylinder with a welded heat insulated metal housing attractively finished. The attached control unit encloses a sensitive pressure regulator and pressure gauge.

Power switches and pilot lights for controlling the electric heating units. Inside chamber dimensions 10.5 cm diameter x 40.5cm height suitable for operation on 230 V, 50 Hz Single Phase A. C. supply. Supplied complete with test bar holder, special rack to hold specimens above water level in the autoclave and in a vertical position to expose them in the same manner. A Digital PID Controller is fitted for controlling the desired temperature.
Heat Of Hydration Apparatus
IS 11262-1985, ASTM C 186
This equipment is required to determine the heat of hydration of cement as expressed in calories per gram.
The equipment comprises of the following:
  •  A wide mounted double walled vacuum flask with a stop cock 38 mm & a insulating container for the flask
  •  A Beckman thermometer (Range 5o C) held tightly by the cock stopper in such a way as to avoid accidental contact with the stirrer blade & the reading lens. To facilitate the easy removal the cock stopper is in two halves.
  •  A constant speed stirrer (double bladed propeller type)extended to within 38 mm from the bottom of the flask.
  •  A funnel (Gooch type) with a stem of 6 mm inner dia & a body approx 25 mm long and 25 mm dia. is fitted to the cock stopper for introducing the sample.
All the above to combine to form the calorimeter for the determination of heat of hydration of cement. Suitable to operate on 230 V A.C. 50 Hz
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