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Soil Testing Equipments

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Constant Volume Mould
Often in the laboratories it is required to quickly prepare remoulded soil specimen for Triaxial and Unconfined Tests. Constant volume moulds are used for this purpose, using either dynamic or static compaction. The moulds are available in different sizes.
A For specimen size 38 mm x 76 mm long comprises Split mould 38 mm dia x 126 mm long. End plug 38 mm dia x 25 mm long pair. Split collar interchangeable. Ejecting plunger 38 mm dia x 126 mm long.
B For specimen size 50 mm dia x 100mm long specimen comprises of Split mould 50mm dia x 178 mm long. End plugs 50 mm x 39 mm long pair.
Consolidation Apparatus (Single Gang)
IS 2720 (PART XV)
Consolidation test is un-dimentional test considered extremely important in soil mechanics. Sample taken from adjacent areas of a single site show differential settlement even when tested using same techniques. Soil of similar strength may show varying consolidation. Samples are very carefully prepared and vertical settlement of the specimen in saturated or drained conditions carefully recorded when known load is applied.
The standard outfit comprises of the following items. Loading unit, maximum capacity 20kg/cm2. Having a loading yoke connected to a lever arm with a counter balancing adjustment and having a lever ratio of 1:1 the whole assembly being mounted on a sturdy steel frame stand. The loading unit is so designed that it can be used for consolidation cells of different diameters as well as different dia floating ring type consolidation cells.
Fixed ring type Consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for testing 60mm dia x 20mm thick specimen comprising: Fixed ring for specimens 60mm dia x 20mm thick with guide ring. Top and bottom porous stones for 60mm dia specimen. Perforated pressure pad, channeled base with water inlet and gasket Flanged water jacket, water reservoir with plastic tube and pinch cock.
Consolidation Apparatus (Front Loading Type)
BS 1377-5, ASTM D 2435
Specification: Rigidly manufactured from aluminium alloy casting to provide a high degree of accuracy with any frame distorsion under load. The load bridge group is supported in high accuracy selfaligning seat balls. The beam provides three loading ratio: 9:1 10:1 11:1 and the beam assembly is fitted with an adjustable counterbalance weight.
Maximum load: 150 kg of slotted weights. The odeometer accepts cells up to 100 cm. sq. Supplied complete with rod holding the weights and coupling block holding the dial gauge or transducer. Supplied 'without': Consolidation cell, Weights, Dial Gauge (or transducer), holding bench which have to be ordered separately.
Consolidation Cells (Floating)
IS 2720 (PART XV)
Water trough : Floating ring type of Consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 60mm dia x 20mm thick specimens complete with floating ring with two guide rings, pair of porous stones, pressure pad and cutting collar.
Set of weights to give a pressure of 10kg/cm. sq. on 60mm dia specimens. Floating ring type of Consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 50mm dia x 20mm thick specimens complete with accessories as above.
Consolidation Apparatus (Three Gang Model)
BS 1377-5 , ASTM D 2435
Specification: Same as model but consists of 3 consolidation test assemblies mounted on a single frame. Complete with 3 sets of Consolidation cell assembly for 60mm dia samples and three sets of weights each giving 10 kg/cm2. On each sample.
Consolidation Apparatus (Electronic Bench Model)
BS 1377-5, ASTM D 2435
Same as Consolidation Apparatus (Front Loading Type) except that the data is displayed and acquired in the digital electronic system.
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