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Air Entrainment
B Type Air Entrainment Meter
IS 3085, DIN 1048
High-quality type B pressure meters measure concrete air content and include many value-added improvements. Our standard model now features the exclusive Gorilla gauge, and a new, more affordable model offers an American-made stainless steel gauge. Other features of the two units are identical. Long-lasting stainless steel clamps adjust quickly and are less expensive to replace. Pump with large, easy-grip handle builds pressure quickly and is shielded to keep dirt and water out of the piston area. Brass petcocks have stainless steel ball valves for accuracy and durability. Petcock handles are vinyl coated for more comfortable operation.dimensions and accuracy of the meters exceed ASTM requirements. Calibration vessel, calibration tubes, 24in (610mm) tamping rod, aluminum straightedge, syringe for water, carrying case and operating instructions are all included. Cast aluminum chamber volume is 1/4ft3 and can also be used for unit weight and yield determinations. Sturdy plastic carrying case holds meter with all accessories securely in die-cut foam padding.
Case Dimensions: 686 x 356 x 356 mm (W x D x H)
Air Entrainment Meter
IS 1199 1959 & BS 1881-106
As entrainment of air in limited percentage improves durability of concrete and very low percentages deteriorate it , measurement of air entrapped in freshly mixed concrete becomes important. The use of chemical additives to increase workability of concrete in turn requires an air content check to be made. Air entrainment meters are used to determine air entrained in freshly mixed concrete by pressure method.

The apparatus consists of a pressure tight flanged cylindrical measuring bowl. The bowl is fitted with a removable flanged conical cover assembly with the help of a seal. The conical cover has an air valve and a petcock for bleeding off the water. A transparent cylindrical stand pipe which is graduated in air content is fixed to the conical cover assembly. Pressure is applied to the specimen with the help of a pressure bulb and the pressure is recorded on the pressure gauge which is mounted on the stand pipe. The whole assembly is mounted on a flat base. The instrument is supplied complete with one each following accessories. Calibration cylinder with spring clamp, trowel, tamping rod, straight edge. Rubber mallet and measure.
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