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Bitumen / Asphalt Testing Equipments

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Kinematic Viscometer Bath
This bath is designed and developed under the strict supervision of our experienced professionals in accordance with the international quality standards. Our offered bath is thoroughly checked on various parameters to ensure zero-defect. This bath is widely used in national laboratories and pharmaceutical industries.
  •  Intelligent signal sampling for accurate data measuring and parameter reading
  •  Accurate viscometer for improving experimental efficiency
  •  High precision digital display
  •  Ideal for controlling the temperature accuracy
  •  Durable glass bath for optimum heat preservation
  •  Desktop based all-in-one design for easy operations and portability
  •  Electric stirrer for ensuring uniform temperature of bath
  •  Easy cleaning and drying of viscometer tubes
Solvent Recovery Unit
On-flammable solvent liquids used for the binder extraction test can be successfully recovered using the solvent recovery unit.
The recovery unit consists of two stainless steel chambers, one for the dirty used solvent and the other for the cleaned recovered solvent. Solvent in the left-hand side chamber is distilled by an electrical heater and then passes through a water cooling system and drops into the second chamber ready for re-use. A temperature switch automatically stops the heating elements when the recovery process is completed. The unit is supplied complete with 10 m plastic tubing, tube clamps, sieve insert 0.6 mm opening and one lid.
The solvent recovery unit is supplied complete with:
  •  Plastic tubing, 10 m
  •  Sieve insert, 0.6 mm
  •  Tube clamps
  •  Lid
Say Bolt Viscometer
ASTM D88, D244, AASHTO T72
Say bolt Viscometer, Electrically Heated, ASTM D88, D244, AASHTO T72 for the empirical measurement of Say bolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures between 70OF and 210OF. This is also used for determining the Saybolt Furol Viscosity of bituminous materials at temperatures of 250, 275, 300, 350, 400 and 450OF. It comprises one each of Cylindrical Oil Cup, Universal Tip, Furol Tip, Bath Fitted with immersion Heater mounted on a stand. Dimmer stat for temperature control, Stirrer with shield. Complete with insulated handle and thermometer support receiving flask, withdrawal tube, filter funnel, thermometer support for cup and circular spirit level. Suitable for operation on 230 V 50 Hz, Single Phase, A.C.

Optional Extras
  •  Brass Oil Tube
  •  Receiving Flask, 60ml
  •  Universal and Furol Tip (Set of 2)
  •  Filter Funnel
  •  Thermometer Support
  •  Heating Coil
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 18 F Range: 66oF to 80oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 19 F Range: 94oF to 80oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 19 F Range: 120oF to 148oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 20 F Range: 134oF to 148oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 21 F Range: 174oF to 188oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 22 F Range: 204oF to 218oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 77 F Range: 245oF to 265oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 77 F Range: 295oF to 315oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 78 F Range: 345oF to 365oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 80 F Range: 395oF to 415oF
  •  ASTM Thermometer Type 81 F Range: 445oF to 465oF
Saybolt Two-Tube Digital Viscometer
The viscometer can be used for temperatures between 21 to 99oC (70 to 210oF) the viscometer includes water- oil bath, stirrer, cooling coil, electric heater with digital thermo regulator, furol orifice, universal orifice, thermometer support and 2 x 60 ml glass Saybolt Viscosity Flask.
Viscosity thermometer set consists of 6 thermometers with the temperature ranges; 19 to 27oC, 34 to 42oC, 49 to 57oC, 57 to 65oC, 79 to 87oC (250 mm length) and 95 to 103oC where each thermometer with 0.1oC subdivisions. Filter funnel, withdrawal tube and thermometer set should be ordered separately.
Standard Tar Viscometer
Electrical Heating with Immersion Heating Elements and Dimmer stat for controlling the temperature. Suitable for operation on 230 V, 50Hz, Single Phase, A.C. supply. Supplied complete with 10mm cup and valve.
Optional Extras
E Thermometer IP 8C, Range: 0o to 45o C
F Thermometer IP 9C, Range: 40o to 85oC
G Thermometer IP 10C, Range: 76o - 122o C
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