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We are a trusted Indian trader of precisely fabricated range of soil testing equipment. Conforming to international standard, the range includes core cutter, rapid moisture meter, sand pouring cylinder, shrinkage limit set, permeability apparatus, piston sampler, plastic limit set and many more. These testing equipment are offered at competitive prices and we also assist our clients to choose the right kind of equipment that will best suite the need. Please feel free to communicate with us for further details.

Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus
Spring type unconfined compression testing apparatus can be used either in a laboratory or in field. This apparatus is as per the design of Building Research Station, U. K. Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus (Spring Type - Autographic)
Salient Features
  • Specifications : Consists of a spring operated load frame with arrangements for loading 38 mm x 76 mm samples, one set of four load springs of stiffness 0.2 kg, 0.4 kg, 0.8 kg, and 1.6 kg/mm, a calibrated mask and one set of 50 charts, in a metal carrying case.
  • Spares & Accessories: Charts, set of 50 Calibrated mask. Spring set comprising one each of stiffness 2 N/mm, 4N/mm, 8N/mm and 16 N/mm Coning toll for 38 mm sample (female) Coning toll for 38 mm sample (male) Tripod stand wooden, for using the instrument in field.

Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus - Hand Operated
This is a hand operated instrument for determining the unconfined compression strength of soil specimens of diameter ranging from 38 mm to 100 mm. Load on the sample is applied gradually by a hand operated load frame and loads are measured on a sensitive proving ring attached to the load frame. Unconfined Compression Tester Proving Ring Type (Hand Operated).
Salient Features
  • Specifications : Comprises of a hand operated load frame, cap. 5000 kgf with screw jack for loading, handle and strain dial gauge bracket, adaptor for proving ring, conical seats and male/female coning tools for 38 mm dia samples. Supplied without proving ring, dial gauge.

Unconfined Compression Tester Proving Ring Type (Motorised)
This is similar to above with the added advantage of a motorised drive permitting a choice of three constant rates of stain. Specifications: comprises a screw operated load frame cap 5000 kg. with a gear box and motor drive giving 1.25, 1.5, 2.5 mm/min. rates of strain, a pair of cone seating, adaptor for proving ring and stain dial gauge bracket. Supplied with one pair of male/female coning tools for 38 mm dia samples but without proving ring and dial gauge. Suitable for operation on 230 volts, single phase A. C. Supply.
Salient Features
  • Accessories : Coning tools in pairs (male & female) for samples having diameter 38 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm & 100 mm.
  • - Also available with only one rate of train 1.25 mm/min.
  • - Also available with the following rates of strains: 1.5mm/min, 2.0 mm/min and 3.0 mm/min.

Unconfined Compression Tester (Proving Ring Type)
Capacity 50 kg. Specimen size 38 mm dia x 76 mm long. strain measurement is done on a scale fixed to one of the pillars. Scale graduated mm. Complete with conical seatings, a male coning tool and one proving ring 50 kg. cap with chart, specimen 40 mm dia x 80 mm long can also be tested.