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We suppliers & traders survey testing equipment that are designed to meet testing & assessing needs of agencies involved in survey, environmental monitoring, navigation etc. The wholesome range includes Ranging Rod, Wrilling Hygrometer, Spring Balance, Beam Compass, Mini Drafter Machine, Steel Tape, Box Sextant, Octagonal Cross Staff and a host of other tools. Appreciated for delivering accurate results, our survey testing tools are cost-effective, qualitative and can also be procured /made to-order.

Available in many ranges
  • Wooden Tripod Sizes: Full Length: 1828mm, 1760mm, 1700mm, 1600mm, 1550mm. Min. Length: 1168mm, 1090mm, 1070mm, 1000mm, 950mm.
  • Fiber-Glass Tripod Sizes: Full Length: 1850mm. Min. Length: 1150mm.
  • Fiber-Wooden Tripod Sizes: Full Length: 1760mm. Min. Length: 1090mm.
  • Aluminum Tripod Sizes: Full Length: 1650mm, 1655mm, 1655mm, 1800mm, 1700mm. Min. Length: 970mm, 1025mm, 1030mm, 1045mm, 1000mm
  • Elevating Tripod Sizes: Full Length: 2850mm. Min. Length: 1250mm.