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Soil Testing Equipments

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Specific Gravity
BS 812
Useful to determine specific gravity of clays, sand and gravel of size smaller than 10mm.
Comprises a 1 kg. glass jar with brass cone. Locking ring and rubber seal.
Spare: Rubber seal.
Density Bottle (Gay-Lussac Type)
BS 1377-2, ASTM D 854
For determining the particle density (Specific Gravity) of sand, fine aggregate & filler. Capacity 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml.
Particle Density By Gas Jar Method (End-Over-End Shaker)
BS 1377-2
This method applies for soil containing upto 10% of particles retained on 37.5 mm sieve. The equipment is used to rotate two gas jars at approx. 50 R.P.M..Glass Jar is 1 litre in capacity with rubber bung.
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