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We are a trusted Indian trader of precisely fabricated range of soil testing equipment. Conforming to international standard, the range includes core cutter, rapid moisture meter, sand pouring cylinder, shrinkage limit set, permeability apparatus, piston sampler, plastic limit set and many more. These testing equipment are offered at competitive prices and we also assist our clients to choose the right kind of equipment that will best suite the need. Please feel free to communicate with us for further details.

Sampling Augers
Augers are used to collect disturbed soil samples at reasonable depths for laboratory tests. Augers are available in two type and each in different sizes. Blade type (post hole type) and Helical type (screw type). Each auger outfit consists one each of Auger head, one meter long rod, Tee piece and handle. Depths of excavating can be increased by using additional extension rods.

Posthole Type Sampling Augers
(a) 75mm
(b) 100 mm
(c) 150 mm dia.

Screw Type Sampling Augers
Sampling Augers Screw Type :-

(a) 25mm, (b) 38 mm, (c) 50 mm, (d) 75 mm, (e) 100 mm, (f) 150 mm, (g) 200 mm, (h) 250 mm, & (i) 300 mm dia.
Salient Features
  • Extras : Extension rod 1 meter length with threadings at both ends and couplings. Set of two spanners and Tee piece.