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Plate Bearing Test
This is for estimating the bearing capacity of shallow foundations in situ and for the design of flexible pavement. In the test procedure a steel plate is subjected to gradually increasing load and settlements of the plates recorded. Maximum bearing capacity is noted as that load at which the plate starts sinking rapidly. Specifications: the basic outfit consists of : 50 tonne hydraulic jack with separate pumping unit fixed to it a 0-500 KN. X 0. 5 KN. Pressure gauge and flexible metal pipe 5mtr. long - 1 no. Special ball and socket arrangement between the jack and the bearing plate - 1 no. Extension rod 12MM. dia x 25cm long for taking dial gauge readings - 16 nos. Magnetic base with female thread on top for holding extension rod - 4 nos. Top end plate, 50mm, dia with male thread for fitting onto the extension rods and positioning the dial gauge plunger - 4 nos. Column 15cm dia x 25cm long with flanges complete with four bolts and nuts - 2 nos. Column 15cm x 50cm long with flanges complete with four bolts and nuts - 1 nos. Bridge support of welded steel angle construction, 5 mtr. span and stands approximately 30cm, high, fitted with two quick release clamps after positioning and holding the dial bracket - 2 nos. Plane M.S. Plate 60 cms x 60cms sq. X 25mm thick. Plane M. S. plate 45cms x 45cm. Sq. X 25mm thick. Plane M. S. Plate 30cms x 30cm. Sq. X 25mm thick. Dial Gauge 0.01mm x 25MM - 4 nos.
Salient Features
  • Accessories : Plane M.S. Plate 75cm x 25mm thick. Plane M.S.Plate 50cm x 25mm thick. Grooved M.S. Plate 60cm. x 60 cm. x 25mm thick. Grooved M.S. Plate 45cm x 45cm x 25mm thick. Grooved M.S. Plate 30 cm x 30cm x 25mm thick. Grooved M.S. Plate 75cm x 75cm x 25mm thick.
  1. When plates of size more than 30 cm.sq. are used, in order to prevent deflections of the edge, a series of smaller plates are advised to be placed concentrically on the bottom plate.
  2. Flexible rubber pipe 1 mtr. length can be supplied for the hydraulic jack in the place of metal pipe at extra cost. For site testing load trusses to meet the reaction of loading are available in different capacities as under.