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We supply a vast range of bitumen-asphalt testing equipment that is widely used while constructing various infrastructures. These are precision made to yield accurate output. The range includes Benkelman beam, centrifuge extractors, core cutting & core drilling machines, standard penetrometer, stripping value and many more. Along with the standard orders, we can custom make equipment with the best use of our resources. Our cost competency & timeliness in order processing has made us a preferred supplier of industrial testing equipment.

Melting Point Apparatus
This apparatus consists of a cylindrical block of Aluminium with a built in electrical heating element. The mounted alum. Block illuminates from below by a lamp fixed in its housing. The aluminium block accept three capillary tubes and mercury thermometer. The temperature is controlled by rotary switch. The magnifying lenses provided for viewing objects clear. Suitable for operation on 220 Volts AC circuits.
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Melting Point Apparatus Digital Temp. Indicator with cooling plug
  • IP 63C thermometer