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We are offering Soil Testing Equipment, which is supplied with stainless steel penetration test cone 35 mm long with smooth polished surface and an angle of 30 deg. It has a facility for adjusting cone height in relation to the specimen and ensures trouble free operations.

Hydraulic Jack (Hand Operated) Remote Type
For applying loads for various tests in the field or laboratory. Hydraulic jack hand operated with separate pumping units. These jacks are portable and available in various capacities. The pumping unit is connected to the hydraulic jack by means of a flexible connecting pipe 2 meter long. The jack is fitted with lifting handles for easy transportation. The approximate lift of the ram is 90 to 120mm. The pumping unit is a single plunger type with detachable handle. The unit is fixed on a channeled base which is fitted with lifting handles. A pressure release valve is provided on the pumping unit. The load is indicated on a 15cm dial hydraulic pressure gauge of appropriate capacity which can be detached from the pump when not in use. The least count of the calibrated dial will be according to the capacity of the gauge (normally 100 divisions for full capacity)

Integral Type Hydraulic Jacks
These are hydraulic jacks with integral pumping unit. The hydraulic pressure gauge is of 15cm dial mounted on the side of hydraulic jack. A detachable lever is provided to operate the pump. Lift of the ram is 95 to 100mm. Face of the ram is flat. Note: hydraulic jacks of 1000 kn & 5000 kn capacity can be supplied with two speed pumping units. These jacks have lift to approximately 200mm.

Hydraulic Jack Central Hole Type- Capacity 50 Tonnes
The hydraulic jack has a 25mm diameter hole going through the centre. It is designed for dual direction and has a working stroke of approximately 22cm. A specially designed hand operated pumping unit is supplied for operation in both directions. A detachable handle is provided for operating the pump. The load is indicated on a 15cm dial hydraulic pressure gauge calibrated 0 - 50000 x 500 kg. Note : central hole jacks of other capacities can also be supplied on special request.

Hydraulic Jack For Pile Testing
Same as above but useful for pile testing