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We suppliers & traders survey testing equipment that are designed to meet testing & assessing needs of agencies involved in survey, environmental monitoring, navigation etc. The wholesome range includes Ranging Rod, Wrilling Hygrometer, Spring Balance, Beam Compass, Mini Drafter Machine, Steel Tape, Box Sextant, Octagonal Cross Staff and a host of other tools. Appreciated for delivering accurate results, our survey testing tools are cost-effective, qualitative and can also be procured /made to-order.

STAR S82v - Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System
  • RTK Survey
  • Static Survey
  • Access to CORS
  • Rail/Road Survey
  • Data Collection
  • Hydrographic Survey Stake-out
  • Electronic Wire Survey
Salient Features
  • Customized Radio Frequency Options
  • Built-in Transmitting Radio Module
  • Huge Internal Memory
  • Separated Module packs
General Info
  • 220 channels, by advanced Pacific Crest Maxwell 6 Custom Survey GNSS technology
  • High precision multiple correlator for GNSS pseudo range measurements
  • Unfiltered,unsmoothed pseudo range measurements data for low noise, low multipath error, low time domain correlation and high dynamic response
  • Very low noise GNSS carrier pahse measurements with 1mm precision in a 1Hz bandwidth
  • Signal-to-Noise ratios reported in dB-Hz
  • Proven Pacific Crest low elevation tracking technology
Satellite signals tracked simultaneously
  • GPS: L1 C/A, L2E, L2C, L5 (reserved)
  • GLONASS: L1 C/A, L1 P, L2C/A (GLONASS M only), L2 P
  • SBAS: L1 C/A, L5 (reserved)
  • Galileo: (reserved) supports GLOVE-A: L1BOC, E5A, E5B, E5AltBOC supports GLOVE-B: L1BOC, E5A, E5B, E5AltBOC
  • Compass: (reserved)B1 (QPSK). B1 MBOC(6,1,1/11), B1-2 (QPSK)B2(QPSK), B2-BOC(10,5), B3 (QPSK), B3BOC (15,2.5)L5 (QPSK)

Star S86t Integrated RTK GPS Surveying System
  • Control Survey
  • Topographic map survey
  • Staking out
  • Application of network RTK
  • Electrical wire reconnaissance survey
  • Road Survey
Salient Features
  • Dual frequency receiver S86t
  • Charger for S86t
  • 450 MHz UHF all-direction antenna
  • Multifunction communication cable
  • Receiver-controller cable
  • Controller: PSION
  • Controller battery
  • Charger for controller battery
  • Carbon fibre pole
  • Bracket
  • Connector
  • Plummet & tribrach
  • SD card & reader
  • Measuring tape
  • HI measuring plate
  • Carrying case & soft bag
  • Dual frequency receiver S86t
  • Charger for S86t
  • 450 MHz UHF all-direction
  • Connector
  • Plummet & tribrach
  • Measuring tape
  • HI measuring plate
  • Carrying case & soft bag
Technical Specification
  • Channel: 220 channels
  • GPS: L1 C/A, L1P, L2C/A(GLONASS M only), L2P
  • SBAS: L1 C/A, L5(reserved)
  • Static horizontal accuracy: 3mm+1ppm RMS
  • Static vertical accuracy: 5mm+1ppm RMS
  • Static work range:<100km
Data storage: internal memory 4GB

STAR S86s Dual Frequency Integrated Static GNSS Receiver
It's an ideal yet affordable solution for static control survey, and the dual frequency, LCD Reading, metal housing of this rugged receiver product will definitely benefit in terms of positioning speed and accuracy.
Salient Features
  • Dual-frequency Signal Receiving : The powerful L1/L2 GPS mainboard helps the receiver to receive satellite signals synchronously. Accuracy and efficiency of the units will satisfy you more when compared with single-frequency static receivers.
  • Huge Internal Memory : The 4GB internal memory capacity of S86S allows mass storage of measured data for long time collection, which brings great convenience to your static work.
  • LCD screen, vivid display of basic receiver information.
  • Compact housing with metal and hard plastics, rugged and durable, good for heat dissipation
  • Control panel, direct settings for mode and status
  • Initialization time: Typically 15s
  • Static horizontal accuracy: ±2.5mm+1ppm
  • Static vertical accuracy:±5mm+1ppm
  • Static Operation range:=80km
  • Initialization realibility: Typically>99.9%
  • Control panel, direct settings for mode and status
  • Built-in double batteries, working time up to 15-20 hours
Receiver Part
  • Communication: USB2.0/ COM Port (RS-232)
  • Channel:Independent 24 channels
  • Tracking Signal: Dual frequency L1/L2