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We are offering Soil Testing Equipment, which is supplied with stainless steel penetration test cone 35 mm long with smooth polished surface and an angle of 30 deg. It has a facility for adjusting cone height in relation to the specimen and ensures trouble free operations.

Flexure Testing Machine (Motorized) Rilem - Cembureau Test
It is used for testing 40mm x 40mm x 160mm mortar specimens for flexural strength. (rilem cembureau test) by single point loading.
  • Specifications : It is a motorized, mechanical unit. The speed is adjusted so that the load increase on the specimen is between 4 to 6 kg/sec. A flexure test attachment for keeping the specimen in position is also supplied. This consists of two rollers 10mm. diameter and spaced 100mm apart, and a third roller of the same diameter equidistant from the first two and for transmitting the applied load to the opposite face of the prism. The unit is for operation on 230 Volts, single phase, 50 cycles A.C.supply. Loads are measured on a proving ring fitted with a sensitive dial gauge. Supplied without proving ring.
  • Accessories : Proving ring, capacity 500 Kn.

Flexure Testing Machine Hand Operated
Flexural tests of concrete beam have their own importance in concrete road constructions as well as buildings constructions. Normally concrete beams of sizes 10cm x 10cm x 50cm or 15cm x 15cm x 70cm are tested for flexural strength.
Salient Features
  • Specifications : The machine consists of a hand operated load frame. The lower platen has two rollers, the distance between which is adjustable. For 150mm x 150mm x 700mm beam, the centre to centre distance between the rollers is 600mm, while it is 400mm for beams of size 100mm x 100mm x 500mm The upper platen has also a pair of rollers whose distance is adjustable. It is 200mm centre to centre, for 150mm X 150mm X 700mm size beam and 133mm for 100mm 100mm X 100mm X 500mm size beam. A pressure gauge to indicate load is fixed on the load frame. A small pumping unit is attached to the load frame. Total capacity of the machine is 100 KN and a 150mm dia pressure gauge - 100 KN x 1 KN is fitted on the machine. Since this is a hand operated light weight machine, it is useful for field laboratory also.

Flexure Testing Machine (Electrically Operated)
Same as above but instead of a hand pumping unit, a separate electrically cum hand operated pumping unit housed in a cabinet is supplied. The pressure gauge 0-100 kn x 1 kn, on/off switch and a slow/fast level to control rate of loading are fitted on the front panel of the pumping unit. A facility for hand operation is provided. A micro switch and relay fitted inside the pressure gauge protects the unit from over loading.