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Survey Equipment

We suppliers & traders survey testing equipment that are designed to meet testing & assessing needs of agencies involved in survey, environmental monitoring, navigation etc. The wholesome range includes Ranging Rod, Wrilling Hygrometer, Spring Balance, Beam Compass, Mini Drafter Machine, Steel Tape, Box Sextant, Octagonal Cross Staff and a host of other tools. Appreciated for delivering accurate results, our survey testing tools are cost-effective, qualitative and can also be procured /made to-order.

Mini Drafter Machine
Specially used by students, architects and professionals. Its channels are made from iron by pressure die-coasting process to provide better grip and free working. Its arms are made from bright bars and its powder coated square plate channel protect against corrosion and enhances finish.
  • Features:
  • Quality approved Durable Reliable

Drawing Board
We are offering lightweight pine drawing board. It is light and easily portable, providing the perfect surface on which to perfect your painting or drawing techniques. Great for tabletop use, to use with an ease, or to simply rest on your lap. It is air seasoned to minimize bending and thoroughly polished to give extra smooth surface for smooth drawing.
Size Available : 300 mm x 400 mm -400 mm x 580 mm -580 mm x 800 mm -725 mm x 1050 mm

Drawing Board Stand
The product is rigid, stable structure made of MS pipe,with powder coating having adjustment of Height and Angle to ensure comfort at various postures during working. Available for board sizes of 23x32” and 30x42”.

Prismatic Compass
Prismatic Compass made of Gun / Non magnetic metal in a Leather case with Teak wood tripod Stand. Size of compass 100 mm. Dia As per IS specification.

T-squares having acrylic blade using the finest equipment for permanent, marking by engraving. Both types available - Fixed and Slide-Fit
Sizes available : 65 cm , 75 cm, 85 cm, 100 cm & 120 cm blade length.