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Bitumen / Asphalt Testing Equipments

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Fraass Breaking Point Apparatus
TFraass Breaking Point Apparatus

  •  Stainless Steel Plaque
  •  Frass Apparatus (pack of 10) Dry ice maker

The Breaking Point Apparatus is used to determine the breaking point of solid and semisolid bitumen. The Fraass Breaking Point is the temperature at which bitumen first becomes brittle, as indicated by the appearance of cracks when a thinfilm of the bitumen on a metal plaque is cooled and flexed in accordance with specified conditions. The apparatus consists of stainless steel plaque, cooling and bending apparatus, thermometer IP 42°C (-38°C/+30°C), plate and stand.
Water In Bituminous Material (Dean-Stark)
ASTM D 95,D244
Used to determine the water in petroleum products or bituminous materials by distilling them with volatile solvent. The equipment comprises electric heater with thermoregulator, glass still, support stand, condenser, receiving trap, clamp.
Distillation For Cut Back Bitumen
The apparatus consists of a heavy gauge shield, lagged with asbestos cover in two parts and wire gauge. The shield is supported on a platform with chimney arranged for fitting to stand. Complete with one distillation flask of 500 ml and one 100 ml crow receiver but without thermometer. Electric hot plate heated with energy regulator. Thermometer ASTM 8°c - 2 to +400°c SUBD. 1°c.
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