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We supply a vast range of bitumen-asphalt testing equipment that is widely used while constructing various infrastructures. These are precision made to yield accurate output. The range includes Benkelman beam, centrifuge extractors, core cutting & core drilling machines, standard penetrometer, stripping value and many more. Along with the standard orders, we can custom make equipment with the best use of our resources. Our cost competency & timeliness in order processing has made us a preferred supplier of industrial testing equipment.

Distillation Apparatus - Single
This apparatus is used for determinations of distillation characteristics of petroleum products. The instrument consists of metal shield to support distillation flask with Geared height adjustable device. It has a slot for vapour tube. A glass window is provided in front side for clear view of inside objects. It also has cooling bath bath or condenser with M.S. black painted stand.Electrically heated. The instrument is supplied with three square asbestos boards with 50mm and 70mm holes.(without glass wares)
Salient Features
  • Single Distillation Apparatus electrically heated with Energy Regulator with gear device :
  • Single Distillation Apparatus with Energy Regulator and Temp. Indicator with gear device

Distillation Apparatus - Twin (Duplex)
Same as above but with two energy regulators
  • Twin (Duplex) Distillation Apparatus electrically heated model with two Energy Regulator with gear device
  • Twin (Duplex) Distillation Apparatus with Electronic Voltage varrier with gear device
  • Distillation Apparatus for crude petroleum as per IP-24 with one glass condenser elect., with energy regulator control
Salient Features
  • Distillation Flask 125 ml
  • Distillation Flask 250 ml
  • Measuring Receiver 100 ml
  • Spare Asbestos Board 38mm or 50mm or 70mm dia hole
  • Thermometer IP 5C(-2/300C x 1C)
  • Thermometer IP 6C(-2/400C x 1C)