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We suppliers & traders survey testing equipment that are designed to meet testing & assessing needs of agencies involved in survey, environmental monitoring, navigation etc. The wholesome range includes Ranging Rod, Wrilling Hygrometer, Spring Balance, Beam Compass, Mini Drafter Machine, Steel Tape, Box Sextant, Octagonal Cross Staff and a host of other tools. Appreciated for delivering accurate results, our survey testing tools are cost-effective, qualitative and can also be procured /made to-order.

Electronic/ Laser Theodolite
  • Absolute Encoding
  • Laser beam valid for 100m(ETL series only)
  • With Internal memory for 256 pairs of H. & V. Angle
  • Dual Sides
  • Large Display
Specifications of ET-02/ET-02L, ET-05/ET-05L & ET-10
  • Image: Erect
  • Magnification: 30X
  • Effective aperture: 45mm
  • Resolving Power: 3"
  • Min, Focusing Distance: 1.4m
  • Accuracy: 2" for ET-02/ET-02L, 5" for ET-05/ ET-05L & 10" for ET-10
  • Operating temperature:-20°C-+45°C
  • Internal Power Supply: Rechargeable Ni-H battery/ AA battery

Vernier Transit Theodolite
Verniear Transist theodolite 175 mm internal focusing with erect image, 20 seconds / 10 seconds least count(accuracy) read by reading glass, provided with optical plummet for accuracy centering point. Complete with all respect in wooden Box, with aluminum stand telescopic type.