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Aggregate Testing Equipments

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Determination of Flakiness
Thickness Gauge
IS 2386 (PART-1) & BS 812
Used for determining the Flakiness Index of Aggregates. It Consists of a frame with a sliding panel. The Panel has slots of Different Standard Lengths and Widths accurately Cut.
Length Gauge
IS 2386 (PART-1) & BS 812
Consists of a hard wood base with vertically mounted metal studs as Specified in the IS 2386 (Part-1) & BS 812.
Grid Sieves
EN 933-3; NF P18-561; UNI 8520-18; NLT 354
For determination of particle shape Flakiness Index & Elongation of Aggregates are suitable only for hand sieving. these are made using aluminium frames and stainless steel rods of 5 mm dia. and comply fully with EN933-3:1997. Make Entek size slot width 50.0, 40.0, 31.5, 25.0, 20.0, 16.0, 12.5, 10.0, 8.00, 6.30, 5.00, 4.00, 3.15, and 2.50 mm (set of 14 pcs)
Flakiness Sieve Set
BS 812-105.1
Aggregate particles are considered as flaky when their thickness is less than 0.6 of their mean sieve size. Aggregate to be classified is separated into seven sieve fractions from 6.3 to 63 mm and each fraction is examined separately. The dimensions of each sieve comply with the relevant international standard, manufactured from heavy gauge steel sheet and coated with electrostatic paint. The accuracy of the slot size is better than 0.1 mm. Flakiness index sieve set consists of 7 sieves. For sample preparations 6.3, 10, 14, 20, 28, 37.5, 50 and 63 mm aperture sizes test sieves should be ordered seperately.
Shape Index Caliper
EN 933-4, DIN 4226, CNR NO.95, NLT 354
Shape Index Caliper is used for the determination of the shape factor of aggregates. Measurement range is 200 mm and graduated with 0.05 mm increments.
  •  Dimensions : 450X150X50 mm Weight
  •  (Approx.) : 0.4 Kg
Index Apparatus
Efflux Index (Flow Coefficient of Fine Aggregates) apparatus is used to obtain information about the shape and the angularity of grains of fine aggregates. The flow coefficient of an aggregate is the time, expressed in seconds, for a specified volume of aggregate to flow through a given opening, under specified conditions using a standard apparatus. Efflux index (flow coefficient of fine aggregates) apparatus consist of two funnels with different opening, cylindrical hopper, metal stand with a shutter and metal container.
  •  Dimensions (in mm) : 150 x 180 x 410 Weight
  •  Capacity : 5 Kg
Average Least Dimension
Average Least Dimension (ALD) device complete with ALD box - adjustable spacer - fine aggregates 2-9 mm, 1 x spacer set-fine aggregates spare case, spacer set extension 10-18 mm.
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