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Concrete Testing Equipments

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Compression & Flexural Strength
Compression Testing Machine (Channel Type Load Frame) Hand Operated
IS 516, BS 1881
In these load frames "C" channels are used, they are welded at the top as well as bottom and with stand high loads. A hydraulic jack is fitted at centre of the base of the load frame, over which can be fitted lower platen and spacer block with the help of centering pin. A lead screw passes through the top of the frame. To the lower end of this lead screw is fixed the upper platen with spherical seat for self alignment. The platens are accurately machined, hardened and polished. The lower platen grooves to correctly place the specimen. Note: The platens are normally rectangular on shape, but no special request square platens or circular platens can be supplied at an extra cost.
Ranges: 50 kN to 2000 kN
Compression Testing Machine (Four Pillar)
Hand Cum Electrical Operated
IS 516, BS 1881
The load frame is made up of high quality steel construction with a fixed. Upper lead carrying a ball seated platen. 4 pillars are fixed to the base and the top plate of the loading frame. The upper and lower plates are adjusted with the help of head screw on either side of the pillar. The ram dia of the machine varies from the requirements of the customer. The lower pattern are at the base of the frame above the ram and it is rectangular in shape. Sufficient clearance is provided between the platens to fit in the cylindrical/ cube moulds. Spacer provided to adjust cubes and cylinders. A 20 cm dia pressure gauge with maximum load induction pointer is fitted on the top panel and in turn is connected to the hydraulic pressure pipe. On the right hand a console is fitted within which the electrical motor is fitted alongwith its coupling which inturn is connected to the pumping unit. A slow / fast loading rate regulator fixed on the top of the console for adjusting the rate of loading. The machine is duly calibrated and passed after inspecting and analyzing it with a compression level indicator is provided as a dip stick.
Flexure Testing Machine
IS 516, BS 1881
The Flexure Strength Testing are designed to test flexural strength of concrete beams. The design provide maximum rigidity throughout their working range. The load is applied by the downward movement of the piston. A spacer is for testing different size of beams. The load is indicated on a calibrated bourdon tube type load gauge of range: 0 - 100 kN x 0.5 kN (0- 10,000 kgf x 50 kgf). The load gauge is calibrated against National Council for Cement and Building Materials Certified Proving Ring.
Flexure Testing Machines
  •  Light weight, rugged high strength frame
  •  Double action hydraulic pump
  •  Self-aligning roller assembly
  •  Hydraulic jack provided with retraction spring
  •  For testing beams of 100 x 100 x 500mm and 150 x 150 x 700mm
  •  Conforms to IS 516, BS 1881 and ASTM C 78 Two Models are available.
Hand Operated Flexural Testing Machine 250 Kn
  •  Ram Diameter (mm) : 82
  •  Ram Travel (mm) : 50
  •  Pressure Gauge Diameter (mm) : 200
  •  Pressure Gauge (in kN) : 100
  •  Least Count (in kN) : 0.5 Kn
  •  Maximum Pressure (Kgs. /cm) : 200
  •  Platen Diameter (mm) : Nil
  •  Horizontal Clearance (mm) : 210
  •  Vertical Day Light (mm) : 160(adj)
  •  Height Of Load Frame (mm) : 850
  •  Weight Of Load Frame (Kgs) : 150
  •  Lead Screw : Yes
  •  Specimen Size (can Be Tested) : 0
  •  Cube (mm) : Nil
  •  Cylinderical : Nil
  •  Flexural Test (size in mm ) : 100x100x500 , 150x150x700
Flexural Frame 100 Kn
ASTM C 293, ASTM C 496, ASTM C 78, EN 12390-5, EN 12390-6, EN 1338, EN 1340
Flexural frame for above machine connected to the automatic pump 100 kn capacity

General Properties:
The Entek Automatic range of 100 kn capacity flexure testing machines have been designed to meet The need for reliable and consistent testing of flexural test on standard concrete beams, transverse Test on kerbs and flagstones, indirect tensile tests on concrete and interlocking pavers. Entek flexural machines consist of their main part; frame. Each part has been designed to manufacture Machines with a high degree of mechanical stability and complies with EN 12390-5, EN 12390-6, EN 1338, EN 1340, ASTM C78, C293 and C496 by choosing suitable accessories.

The versatile load frame is designed for minimum deflection at maximum load resulting in very high accuracy. The load frame is welded steel fabrication carrying the ram fitted to the upper crosshead. All frames have a single acting down stroking ram with over travel switch protection to shut the machine down should maximum ram travel be reached. The return of the ram is done by dead weight to get maximum accuracy on the load measurement. The load cell is used for load measurements. All flexural frames have been designed to accept all the accessories for flexural and transverse tests. Both frames can be connected to any compression machine as a second frame.
Semi Automatic Compression Testing Machine
ASTM C39; AASHTO T22; ISO EN 7500, EN 12390-4
The Entek Semi-Automatic (Motorized) range of 2000 kN and 3000 kN capacity compression testing machines have been designed for reliable and consistent testing of a wide range of specimens. These compression testers are manufactured as a result of continuous research studies to upgrade the machines with the latest technologies to conform with the latest standards EN 12390-3, 12390-4, BS 1881 in terms of its technical properties taking into account the client requirements. These machines also meet the requirements of CE norms with respect to the health and safety of the operator. And their user-friendly design enable an inexperienced operator to perform the test.
Digital Load Indicator
  •  Large alphanumeric LCD display with backlight
  •  10 Segment bar graph for display of variation in Pace Rate
  •  Sample Area digitally settable
  •  Stress at Peak load calculated & displayed
  •  Peak/Normal mode selectable
  •  Buzzer alarm for peak detection in Peak Mode
  •  Relay output for load limit detection
  •  Digital tare provided
  •  Non-volatile memory for saving configuration
  •  RS-232 serial output for logging on PC
  •  Configuration lock at rear to prevent tampering
  •  Aesthetically designed front panel with membrane switches
Fully Automatic Compression Testing Machine
Entek make CE certified fully automatic compression testing machine 1000 kn / 2000 kn / 3000 kn capacity with all distance platens for 150 mm cube/100 mm cube 150 x 300 mm cylinders, software.

General properties:
The automatic range of 3000 kn capacity compression testing machines has been designed to meet the need for reliable and consistent testing of concrete samples.all Entek machines feature the complete automatic test cycle with a closed loop digital readout. Once the specimen parameters have been introduced, it is sufficient to press the start button to complete the test. Entek compression machines consist of their main parts: frame, power pack and data acquisition & control system. Each part has been designed to manufacture machines with a high degree of mechanical stability and complies to EN 12390-4, BS 1881 and ASTM C39 (with suitable platen set)

The load frame is a welded steel fabrication carrying the ballseated upper platen. Positively located on the loading ram which is protected from debris by a cover, the lower platen is marked for the centering of cube and cylinder specimens. The dimensions of the frame allow the testing of concrete cylinders up to 320 mm long x 160 mm diameter; 100, 150 mm cubes. All machines are supplied complete with 30 mm, 50mm and 90 mm distance pieces. To test samples shorter than 150 mm extra distance pieces should be ordered. All machines are supplied with flexi glass front and rear removable safety doors. All frames have a single acting upstroking ram with over travel protection to stop the motor when the maximum platen travel be reached.
Compression And Flexural Testing Machines Splitting
Tensile Test Device
  •  Splitting tensile test device For Ø150x300 mm and Ø160 x 320 mm
  •  Cylindrical specimens, ASTM/EN Distance piece For Ø100 x 200 mm, cylindrical specimens, EN
  •  Splitting tensile test device For 60-150 mm height x 220 mm
  •  Splitting tensile test device For 150x150 mm concrete cubes, EN
  •  Distance piece For 100x100 concrete cubes, EN
Hydraulic Jacks
Hydraulic Jacks have multipurpose utility, i.e. application of loads while engaged in field investigation, determination of load carrying capacity of piles in the field, tensioning of wires in pre-stressed structures, loading of members of any structure for deformation characteristics etc. The jacks are supplied complete with manually operated pumping units fitted with bourdon tube type load gauge and high pressure flexible hose pipe. All the jacks have a piston travel of 50 mm and jacks upto 1000 kN capacity are provided with retraction springs.

Note: Piston Travel upto 150 mm can be provided on request.
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