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Cement Testing Equipments

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Building Lime, Grout & Mud Testing
Plunger Penetration Apparatus
EN 413-2, 459-2, 1015-4
The plunger penetration apparatus is used to determine the consistency of fresh mortar, building lime and masonry cement. The test apparatus consists of a base to place the test cup and a vertical column holding the penetration plunger assembly. The drop default height is adjusted to 100 mm. The plunger assembly weight is 90 g. The plunger penetration apparatus is supplied complete with:
  •  Test Cup, Ø 80 mm X 70 mm
  •  Tamper
Apparatus For Reactivity Of Quicklime
EN 459-2; NF P98-102
The reactivity of quicklime apparatus is used to determine the reactivity of ground quicklime on slaking. The apparatus consists of a dewar flask of 1 liter capacity, thermometer, electric stirrer, base stand and the related accessories.
Slaking Vessel
Slaking Vessel is used to determine the yield of lime by leaving the lime sample to slake into. Stainless steel made and double walled insulated. The cylinder has inside dimensions dia. 113 mm by 140 mm deep. Supplied complete with cover.
Marsh Funnel With Measuring Cup
ASTM D 2419, AASHTO T 176
This cone is used to find out viscosity of bentonite slurry and similar material. The marsh cone is 6 inch in diameter at the top and 12 inch long, and tapers to join a tube 2 inch long and 3/16 inch inside dia. The capacity of the funnel is 1500cc. Time in seconds required to flow out 1000cc of slurry from cone is measured as funnel viscosity of the material.
Sand Content Kit
ASTM D 4381
One of the primary functions of a drilling fluid is to carry drilled solids from the well bore. These solids are a contaminant, and if left in the system, can lead to numerous problems. The ofite sand content kit determines the volume percent of sand-sized particles in the drilling fluid. Api defines sand-sized particles as any material larger than 74 µm (200-mesh) in size. The test can be performed on low solids fluids as well as on weighted fluids. The kit consists of a glass tube graduated to read percent (%) by volume, a funnel, and a 200-mesh sieve contained in a cylindrical shaped holder. Consists of sand content kit, complete, with sieve, funnel, graduated tube, wash bottle & carrying case
Bentonite Slurry Sampler 50 Meter
3.50 (3-1/2") white PVC, double check ball bailer, slurry sampler bailer
  •  diameter: 3-1/2"
  •  overall length: 20"
  •  chamber length: 12"
  •  construction: PVC body and lifting bail
  •  Fdot approved: yes, for drilling fluid slurry testing
Mud Balance
Designed to find out specific gravities of semi liquids like mud and other liquids having densities in the range 0.8 to 2.7. It has a stainless steel bam calibrated specific gravities from 0.8 to 2.7. A stainless steel cup with lid and overflow vent is fitted on one side of the beam. A counter weights with cursor slides over the graduated scale. The beam has a knife-edge at centre which rests in a fulcrum fitted in the stand. Leveling screws and spirit level are fitted to the stand. Supplied complete with wooden box.
Flow Cone
EN 445
Flow cone apparatus is used for determining the flow properties of grouts, mortars, muds and other fluid materials.
  •  The flow cone apparatus is supplied complete with: Cone, Sieve : 1.5 mm Cup : 1 ltr
  •  Nozzle : 10 mm Fitting bush Stand
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