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Strength of Material Testing Equipment

We supply an extensive range of material testing equipment that is fabricated as per the industry defined quality standards and they deliver consistently accurate results. Our range of material testing equipment encompasses equipment for testing & determining deval attrition, dorry abrasion, pendulum impact, tensile strength, thickness, etc. All our tools for material testing are available at industry leading prices and we can execute bulk orders within less lead-time.

Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Basic machine design and operation similar to B-3000(H). In addition, an 'Optical Device' with 14x magnification provided in front to project dia of ball impression on glass screen with a micrometer measuring system with 0.01 mm accuracy. The indentor swivels and projects dia of ball impression immediately after unloading operation which avoids additional time for measurement of ball impression. This gives real rockwell number on production testing. Hardness Testers Model B-3000(H), (O) & (J) are precision engineered to IS:2281- 1968, BS:240 and ASTM:E10. However B-3000(H), (O), (J) are most suitable for production testing. These machines are designed to measure hardness of casting, forgings, other metals and alloys of all kinds, hard or soft, whether flat, round or irregular in shape.
Standard Accessories
  • Testing table 200 mm - 1 pc
  • Testing table Y groove 70 mm - 1 pc
  • Ball Holder 5 mm - 1 pc
  • Ball Holder 10 mm - 1 pc
  • Test Block HB - 5/750 - 1 pc
  • Test Block HB - 10/3000 - 1 pc
  • rockwell Microscope - Nil
  • Allen Spanner-4 pes
  • Instruction Manual - 1 book
Standard Accessories
  • Model B3000(O)
  • Model B3000(H)
  • Model B3000(J)

Specifications Unit B-3000(O) B-3000(H) B-3000(J)
Loads 200 500 to 3000 in stages of 250 500 to 3000 in stages of 250 500 to 3000 in stages of 250
Initial Load Kgf. Nil 250 Nil
Max. Test Height mm. 380 410 254
Depth of throat mm. 200 200 154
Max. Depth of elevating screw below base mm. 180 180 0
Size of base mm. 370x670 370x670 255x495
Machine Height mm. 1185 1127 860
Net Weight (Approx.) kg. 500 450 210
Drive Motor HP 0.33-415v/p 0.33-415v/p Nil

Computerized Brinell Hardness Tester
The software includes:
  • Facility for Auto / semi Auto / Manual modes of operation.
  • Well managed database saves readings w.r.t. batch.
  • Facility for calibration and check of calibration.
Scope of Supply:
  • Machine containing CCD Camera, optics and illumination systems with connecting cable.
  • External Video capture with USB 2 connectivity and driver software.
  • Brinell Impression Measurement System (B.I.M.S.)software.
  • PC or LAPTOP and windows XP Operating Systems is to be procured by customer
  • One USB 2.0 and one RS232 (serial) interface (9pin) is requires and it is recommended for laptop to use external USB to serial converter for RS232 interfaceZ
Salient Features
  • Specification : The range of Measurement is from 1mm to 6 mm of diameter with Resolution of 0.01 mm.
  • Calibration Facility : The systems includes calibration and check facilities to calibrate the systems and for checking of calibration. This eliminates any system error in measurement.