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Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus
It is used for determination of combustion of calorific value of solid and liquid fuels. The Instruments consists of S.S. Body made out of corrosion resisting stainless steel Rod cap. 300ml., Calorimeter vessel, outer jacket with insulated Body, offset stirrer, S.S. Crucible, pellet press, ignition wire, pressure gauge with flexible pipes with electronic firing unit.
  • Bomb calorimeter apparatus with digital thermometer 0.1°C Read Out
  • Same as above with Digital thermometer 0.03°C Read Out and Remote Control System
  • BOMB Calorimeter apparatus with 0.01°C Read Out and Remote Control System and Printer Unit
  • - Same as above -- with Micro Processor. Unit with PC suitable to use with computer with printer for detection of maximum rise of temperature resolution 0.01°C LCD Display
  • - Spare Bomb 300ml. cap.
  • - Spare Stainless Steel Crucible
  • - Spare Neoprene washer, Belt O Ring and Valves (Kit)
  • - Spare Nichrome wire 10 meters Roll.