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Bitumen / Asphalt Testing Equipments

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Asphalt Ovens
Loss On Heating / Thin Film Oven
BS 2000-45 ASTM D6, D 1754 AASHTO T 47, T 179
This dual purpose oven is designed to determine the loss in weight of bitumen and flux oils (Loss on Heating test) and the effect of heat and air on asphaltic materials (Thin Film test). The unit is heavily insulated and has a double glass door for viewing the test chamber thermometer and samples. Temperature is controlled at 163o C ± 1o C by means of a variable temperature controller and thermostat. Two rotating platforms are supplied with each oven: One accepts 9 standard penetration cups for the loss on heating test, the other accepts two 140mm diameter test pans for the thin film test. The platforms are rotated at 5 to 6 rpm by an external motor.
  •  Chamber Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 350 mm (L x W x H) Series Loss on Heating / Thin Film Oven Operating Voltage 230 V A.C. Single Phase
  •  Aluminium Test Pan 140 mm diameter x 9.5mm deep.
Asphalt Content Tester
Asphalt Content Tester is used to determine the asphalt content of hot mix asphalt(HMA) and pavement samples by removing the asphalt in an ignition furnace by means of sample heating not by means of solvent. Standard followed is ASTM D6307 & EN 12697 39. Sutiable for operation on 415 V 50 Hz 20 ampere three phase ac power supply. Maximum weight specimen is 4000 gms, suggested weight of specimen is 1000 gms to 1500 gms. Balance provided is 10 Kg x 0.1 gms, working temperature of furnace is 800o C, standard working temperature is 538o C. Testing time is 20-30 minutes. Size of the furnace: 350 mm length x 430 mm width x 300 mm height.
Rolling Thin Film Oven
The superpave PG binder specification looked for tests which would closely simulate field performance. Hotmix asphalt binder experiences significant aging during the manufacturing and laying process. Investigating this phenomenon within a laboratory environment, with a repeatable and simple test is very useful within the design process. The rolling thin film oven (RTFO) test is used to measure the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi- solid asphalt binder. The results of this treatment are determined from measurements of the binder properties before and after the test. Repeatability of the test is directly related to the accuracy with which the oven temperature can be maintained and the reproducibility of the thermal rise time of the system. Super accurate P.I.D. Controller
  •  Low thermal mass RTD
  •  Over temperature safety cut-out
  •  Double walled temperature cabinet
  •  Unique temperature control suppression
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